“Get a move”: the shoes you speak

“Get a move”: the shoes you speak

Software and sensors to spur the movement. Project of the startup YesYesNo in collaboration with Google and Adidas “From data, a move, I am calling the roots! “. Shouting is not a football coach or the classic sergeant observed peevishly of American films, but the shoes. Indeed the smartshoes, footwear intelligent equipped with gyro, accelerometer, motion sensor and speaker presented by Google and Adidas at the South by Southwest (SXSW), the festival of creativity technology which is held every year in Austin, Texas.

THE TONGUE HI-TECH – The appearance is that of a common sneaker from basketball, with tip, the one thing that distinguishes it is a great speaker on the tab, doesplora the meaning of the term: “get a move”. A concentrate of technology that monitors the level of activity of the wearer, interacting in real time with 250 preset phrases. At the moment in which they show a low motor activity, here that the shoes involved in proposing to “make a game of basketball” or that it is “time for a swagger”. The tone is not as that of the sergeant Hartman of Full Metal Jacket, but almost. AND if you do not hear worse for us!

FRIENDS OF US CONTROL – a bluetooth module that is, it allows you to connect to your smartphone, and to interact with a dedicated application that shares our sports results over the network. A manna for all the lazy that they will be pushed to do more. Or to switch them off, depends on the force of will. “The application mail all the results on your profile so your friends can see as your shoes and what they say about you”, says Leif Percifield of YesYesNo, the startup that has developed the system together with the two giants, who adds: “These shoes do not record the data obtained, here is everything in real time, telling you in the face what they think of you, and how you’re doing”. It is not the empire of machines, but little is missing. Our only power is in fact in key off because otherwise the shoes are cunning in autonomy, without any human intervention.

THE WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY – At the moment, however, these shoes will remain at the stage of concept, are more than a publicity stunt by festival that a product is intended to finish on the market in the short, yet their birth is not intended to remain a dead letter. The smartshoes indeed enrich the compartment of the so-called wearable technology, composed of all those objects between the futuristic and the futuristic that they are trying a fusion between the human race and the hi-tech to transform ourselves into a sort of cyborg without resorting to corporal plants or brain imagined by science-fiction. A sector in which we find, for example, FuelBand, the bracelet of Nike that records the advances to level of sport but that has its main alfieri in Glass, the glasses intelligent Google that allow you to interact with your smartphone without touching it, and in the roaring clock of Apple, the i-watch, which fits to the wrist like a second skin allowing us to use different device as it would be James Bond.

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