RAIOT, The intelligent shoe and smart

RAIOT, The intelligent shoe and smart

The Shoes Raiot interpret the new era that celebrates the millenials together with the User Experience, able to interact with a product or service, the latter is the philosophy that underlies Raiot (Radical Apparel Internt of things), the start-up Italian born to create a series of fashion goods tech by combining technologies smart fashion and strictly Italian.

Among the products smart, excels the flower to’eyelet of the start-up, i.e. the new article Raiot, a shoe that understands when the wearer is biking, switches on the side lights and is able to start the arrow in case of curve, and then to go out alone once you arrive at the destination. After five rides the position lights LED located behind the heel come on and then turn off automatically once dropped from the saddle thanks to the recognition of a walking motion. There is no switch-on or switch-off, while to activate the flashing lights of the arrow just a movement of the ankle on the side you want.

Article smart is intended for users who move in bicycle, as for example in northern Europe are many users who go to work with this medium and the management of the company has thought to their users. Moreover, this shoe will collect a series of data on daily behavior and make them available in the app.

The Raiot shoe will be realized in collaboration with Velasca (brand Milanese fashion). If the battery runs out? Simple, you make a charging via the MicroUsb, for the foreseeable future the company is considering an induction system with a panel placed directly on the box, ideal after a stressful day of work for those who arrive at home in the evening, simply place the shoes and wait for the full charge without having to attach anything to the household electrical.

At the base of the new shoe tech, there is a careful analysis that identifies the needs of users in the next few years by inserting in the middle of everything, the man who will interact more with the surrounding environment and the devices that will increasingly part of this eco-system will be able to locate the habits of the user by searching to anticipate everywhere, even at the time of a simple turning on your right in the Bicycle!

Source: Tecnica Calzaturiera – February 2018

Wired.it – Lino Garbellini

Source Image: Wired.it – Lino Garbellini


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