RAIOT, The intelligent shoe and smart

The Shoes Raiot interpret the new era that celebrates the millenials together with the User Experience, able to interact with a product or service, the latter is the philosophy that underlies Raiot (Radical Apparel Internt of things), the start-up Italian born to create a series of fashion goods tech by combining technologies smart fashion and strictly Italian. (more…)

Co-Natural, a new concept of Lineapelle, presents the trend of the Summer 2020

The emotion and irrationality are the main architects in defining the color trends for the next summer season, everything is seen as a fusion between machine and human which will make it difficult to distinguish such union, thus was born a rediscovery of nature as seen through the eyes of innovation this is thanks to the new concept of Co-Natural (Con-Naturale) presented by the Committee Lineapelle Fashion: (more…)
scarpe da riciclo-humana

The solidarity part from shoes

HUMANA People to People Italy teaches us that solidarity can also start from a pair of shoes.

Now we will explain how it is carried out. The Onlus with its yellow containers is dedicated 20 years to the collection of clothes and shoes used as resources for the implementation of development interventions in the south of the world. In these lines will reveal how does the life cycle of a pair of shoes once inserted in the container. The project entitled "Even with the foot you can give a hand" was born thanks to a collaboration between Humana and Assocalzaturifici, the National Association of Italian Footwear which gathers over 600 companies in the sector located all over the Italian territory. Has invited companies to donate more than that footwear end-of-series and old collections, even scrap production sample, not recent, thus managing to space in the warehouse to the advantage of solidarity. (more…)

In New York the reprint of the Nike Jeff Staples ago block traffic

At 12 years from its output, the reprint of the first shoe designed by Jeff Staples, realized by Nike, has sent in raptures the "insane for the sneaker" New Yorkers. The Black Pigeon, model in premium black leather with a pigeon imprinted on the back, had to go on sale on monday at 11.00 in the morning, but from sunday evening the prospective buyers have begun to camp in row behind Reed Space, the new shop of staples in the Big Apple. The next morning the police has therefore ordered the evacuation. The traffic of the narrow streets adjacent to Downtown Manhattan (the row has stretched for hundreds of meters) is in fact easily subject to go tilt. With a tweet, the store has reassured the full availability of the product and delayed the start of the sale to Tuesday morning, Day of closing of schools (for track of the municipal elections) and traffic lighter. Staples is the founder of one of the streetbrand (total look) more popular in the USA, among the skater. Article shared by: https://www.laconceria.it/calzatura-2/new-york-la-riedizione-della-nike-jeff-staples-bloccare-traffico-la-polizia-sgombera-clienti Author: PT