The shoes with intelligent soles, Samsung IoFIT

The shoes with intelligent soles, Samsung IoFIT

Samsung IoFIT is the last technological gadgets that turns to the sectors still virgin on the digital side. As the sports footwear, for example, when the start-up of Samsung, Salted Venture, has made a couple of sneakers ingenious and at the same time useful to all the sportsmen both professionals who do not.

Passing to the soles, there are inside a series of pressure sensors designed to measure the posture, the balance and the distribution of the weights. The information collected and transferred within an app for mobile devices in such a way that the user has valuable advice on how to improve their performance. Depending on the type of use and the workout is no different types of software, lately we have designed some for golf lovers: the sensors of the sole will offer suggestions for improving the movements of the golf, as the swing for example.
The interesting idea developed by the start-up of Samsung seems to recall what occurred by Xiaomi that announced the launch on the market a smart shoe able to keep track of their physical activity.
Samsung IoFIT addition to differentiate on the basis of the type of sport and/or workout practiced, will be further differentiated on the basis of sex: for men there will in fact be a wide use of shades of black and yellow for the sole, while for women will be provided for the use of white mixed with pink. The central core of the intelligent shoe is however application, which will be a real personal trainer, since it will assess the exercises and dispense useful advice on how to improve.
It is a true revolution for athletes who can benefit from a personal digital trainer that evaluates the information from the sensors installed on the inside of the sole for footwear.


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