The moulding of soles is realized using injection machines, continually nourished by hoppers, and employing double metal moulds. The company is currently producing soles made of TR, PVC, TPU: onecoloured, two-coloured or three-coloured soles, created by using special, double and triple injection machines.

The realized items are immediately wrapped and packaged, regardless of further processing, and classified by number and colour. After being marked, the boxes are sent to the storehouse where they will be kept until delivery.

Remarkable investments have been made for the purchase of innovative machines so as to guarantee that the processing will always meet high quality standards and to execute a wide range of different procedures.

Our machines operate through continuous cycles of 24 hours and with a productive capacity of about 20.000 pairs per day. They are characterized by refined processing typology and assistance of the best materials, allowing us to meet the customer’s needs as for promptness and product quality.