The shoe by different colors

Scarpa blu e rosa

The shoe by different colors

Scarpa blu e rosaSince a few years a shoe is shaking the people of the network. Some see the shoe as pink with laces white or blue with gray laces. People can see it with different colors; according to the opinion of experts, vision is affected by several factors.

To see the color, our brains take into account the color of light around’object in question, has declared Wally Thoreson, professor of ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at the’University of Nebraska.

People who see a pink shoe see a blue light in the background while those that the shoe see blue, see the white light as the background. The same thing occurs if the shoe is observed early in the morning because the individuals are exposed to a certain amount of light while who wakes up late should perceive it in a different way.  In the case of this image, our brain is also taking the signals from the color of the hand holding the shoe. And some people may have unconsciously considered that the shoes are typically white.

It is not clear where the first photo has emerged, but the shoe Vans of trend seems to be sold online in Europe and is pink with laces white.


The phenomenon is similar to the viral 2015 of dressed gold and white.

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