The fashion of custom soles


The fashion of custom soles

moda-suole-malaspina-monte-uranoThe new fashion for passionate of shoes are the soles for footwear customizable. Astonished? In fact a little we also at the beginning, but after the quarrel on the sole red, property of a known brand of shoes French, the custom soles have become ever more foot.

In general it is adhesive film to be applied on the sole of the shoe. On the web you can find different examples of personalization: with writings, glitter and colors. You can paste on decolletes, sandals and boots. It does not matter. Just equip yourself with patience and customize your shoe as you want. One of the sites most known is that of red Solini. The site proposes customizations of every type, from the sole colored black and white than glitter, passing for every shade of color.

Another site rather famous is Save your Sun, London. Here too extensive customization and more possibilities to buy the preferred color and a brush and draw to really taste the soles of shoes.

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