The solidarity part from shoes

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The solidarity part from shoes

HUMANA People to People Italy teaches us that solidarity can also start from a pair of shoes.

Now we will explain how it is carried out.

The Onlus with its yellow containers is dedicated 20 years to the collection of clothes and shoes used as resources for the implementation of development interventions in the south of the world. In these lines will reveal how does the life cycle of a pair of shoes once inserted in the container. The project entitled “Even with the foot you can give a hand” was born thanks to a collaboration between Humana and Assocalzaturifici, the National Association of Italian Footwear which gathers over 600 companies in the sector located all over the Italian territory. Has invited companies to donate more than that footwear end-of-series and old collections, even scrap production sample, not recent, thus managing to space in the warehouse to the advantage of solidarity.

The crop material is conferred in the sorting center of HUMANA Pregnana Milanese. Articles in good conditions are intended for reuse, while those damaged together with products not usable are sent to recycling, whilst a minimal part is destined to the energy recovery. The proceeds will be used to finance the project of school inclusion in primary schools of Chilangoma in Malawi. Currently in the african country 80% of children go to school but many remain illiterate even after you have completed 5 years of primary education. The project not only will stimulate school attendance of smaller but will give them a good education, a meal and medical checks. The old articles find a new life is transformed into something new and useful, thus becoming a resource for the benefit of those less fortunate, rather than a cost. Remember also that the donation of shoes to HUMANA involves tax advantages for the company donor. To all intents and purposes is considered a virtuous example of circular economy. This is the reason that pushed to engage the associated promoting, on the one hand, cause sustainable, on the other hand encouraging the reuse of materials considered obsolete by companies. We are happy to write that today were collected 18,500 pairs of shoes.The Circular Economy, sees in articles more dated the possibility of a first step to offer to the children of Malawi a better life, pointing to a new economic model is no longer based on the exploitation of natural resources but precisely “circular”, in which substances are constantly reused, guaranteeing the small peoples a future thanks to schooling.

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Source: Press Release Humana and Tecnica Calzaturiera February 2018

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