Winter 2016/2017: the concept

Winter 2016/2017: the concept

Sports and glamour will be the concept for the next winter. We will find a colorful season, marked by bold colors in contrast with natural pigments, grigiati, pastel tints and shades of red.

HEELED SHOES – stand out the curves of femininity with sinuous lines and decided for the models designed for teenagers and women from the spirit youth, capable of exalting the femininity of the wearer: the sandal as upper profiled and-stitched contrast, with heel seat open on the sides and strap, parts fastened to the bottom wood with metallic studs. The décolleté with laserata band polka-dot and the button to chromatic contrast that invokes the architectonic background.

The designer focuses on the heels to characterize his ankle boots from line parade: talcs carved, real architectures that support the foot and give charm to the whole of the shoe.

THE NEW WESTERN – for the next winter season the stylist tip on ethnic western, renewing it especially in the details as metal inserts, heels that jostle the figure and flexible soles for optimum comfort.

THE WEDGES EXTRA – stylist tip decidedly on maxizeppa – covered is heavy – for its logs to wear with practical elastic insert or with hinge combined with velcro and nappina decorative.

THE BOOT – is the protagonist of the proposals of the study stylistic for the next winter. We find it in high heels but always robust in romantic mood with inserts of laces and fur or more clean and of design. In variants sports casual appears, on the other hand, very equipped with buckles and hinges and with thick bottom to tank.

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