IconaBio, how to combine bio and fashion

IconaBio, how to combine bio and fashion

From the experience of Edouard Obringer, founder of the brand of shoes eco-sustainable IconaBio, here is what he told the leader of the neo-brand.

From what considerations is born the idea of launching a new product by pointing from the beginning on ecological?

The market is always looking for new things and projects that are based on innovative projects. In this moment the world of bio and sustainability is a trend very appreciated and sought, both in the distribution channels specialising in footwear, both those of clothing. My idea is based on the concept of instead create a brand very attentive to ecology and respect for people and the environment, but with an image very fashion and is suitable for a market positioning middle-high.

There is a distinctive element that characterizes all models of shoes?

The materials that we choose are all of high quality, very natural and comfortable. First among all the cork, a material used in the insoles and linings of all models to keep your feet cool and comfortable and in contact with nature, which has become the distinctive element of our brand.

On which business model is based to launch this new project?

The business model that I have adopted is based on the construction of a trade mark, of which I am the owner, to manage through a network of licensees who are interested in a new creative project and commercial. I started with two licensees who are engaged in the production and distribution of footwear.

The IconaBio shoes are made entirely in Italy. We want to explain the reasons for this choice?

As first thing, the concept of sustainability certainly requires a traceability throughout the production process, as well as the need to produce and obtain supplies on the spot, to minimize transport and the consequent emission of carbon dioxide. And then we have chosen to produce in Italy because, for certain types of products like ours, is certainly the most suitable place.

In addition to the cork which other materials used?

We try to use materials as environmentally friendly as possible, including for example some trays as well as other hides tanned always to the vegetable. The fabrics used in the winter collection ranging between those honeycomb, bouclè wool, felt, natural material water repellent for excellence so perfect for the wet season and cold.

And what commitments you have taken from the point of view of the ecological balance of the products?

Our goal is to make the real sustainability and then an ecological balance of our products will have to be done on a regular basis. During its path, IconaBio will seek to improve always, by adopting materials and machining eco-sustainable and innovative and will quantify, day after day, its ecological footprint and the traceability of its productive sectors with the objective of participating the welfare of society. The commitment that I have taken is that, after the first year of activity, every year I go to produce a document, the Living Company Reports to explain all the initiatives undertaken by the brand and respect for its ecological i and the attention toward the workers and the environment. Sustainability is however a work in progress: do not you can in fact become green from one day to another, especially with a die very complicated as that of the shoe.

Source: Tecnica Calzaturiera settembre 2016 – Maria Pia Longo

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