The first modular shoes

scarpe-componibili malaspina monte urano

The first modular shoes

scarpe-componibili malaspina monte uranoThe shoes of Alexandra Chiolo Alberta, young entrepreneur 28 years are truly innovative: you can combine why are adjustable. They are called Albertine and are composed of an upper in calf on which you are installing heels plateau and available in different colors and heights, which engage and disengage from the upper giving life each time to a different model. The entrepreneur has explained that his idea of modular shoes, is born in November 2011, which means that the heels and plateau you can interchange. At the bottom is the game of every woman who loves dial dressings always different. Who has never dreamed of having the shoe comfortable to walk on all day and then change with a simple gesture, without taking all the wardrobe behind?

He studied Communication Sciences nurturing a great passion for fashion and has patented the Albertine, made thanks to a friend architect. The flagship model is the black neckline with heels and plateau gold-pink (obviously the combinations are endless). The shoes, certified 100% Made in Italy, are produced in the area between Marche and Emilia Romagna.

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