DIS, tradition and innovation for a perfect shoe


DIS, tradition and innovation for a perfect shoe

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Today there are telling as an innovative idea, led by Digital, is able to rethink and break the typical patterns of production processes and the market. At the center of this idea there is the handicraft tradition alongside “Internet”, the result? The creation of a custom shoe in 3D through the interactive step and in 4 weeks the shoe may be worn, where afterwards we will space.

The new challenge that creates value

The entrepreneurs of Italian footwear are now ready to take on the challenge of new technologies, in particular of the ecommerce. The Team DIS, headed by the Brothers Carpineti, has transformed this challenge into opportunities trying to tell the extraordinary excellent craftsmanship Made in Italy to all foreign consumers and increase the positive perception of those who are already familiar with this mastery.

Customers enthusiasts of the values of the Made in Italy will exchange views and advice on how to create their shoe perfect DIS, hearing only their shoe to show with pride to your friends.


The emotion of creation

The customer is the true architect of the process of creation of his shoe through the internet site www.designitalianshoes.com/en. Its production leads him to be a designer for once, to build something which feel proud to wear and no matter the time spent in front of a smartphone or PC, but the emotion of creation! In aid intervenes the configurator 3D (a powerful web engine i.e. a magic wand that interprets our tastes in order to create different shoes). It is possible to choose between different models of footwear, customizing the shoe in every part, by selecting the material with which it will be realized, the sole, color, laces, etc. giving life to over 45 million different combinations and through its private area, is able to save his creations, modify record size and follow the status of your order.

The choose the ideal product becomes a ritual, from the measurement of the foot to the choice of every little trick, up to the incision of your name or initials. The customer feels free in creation and this process, that the fun, causes the technology combines with the craftsmanship favoring an innovative service “made to order”, which resets the distances between the customer and craftsman thanks to photorealistic rendering of the shoe ordered.


The craftsman in the digital age

The craftsmen who by providing intermediate parts of the shoe, have become partners because they have accepted the business model by changing mentality, continuing to focus essentially on the work that they are accustomed to do always. The technology developed at their disposal, was essential in order to facilitate their work by making it more efficient and better organized. Be craftsman means knowing how to interpret the concrete demands, put their knowledge at the service of the birth of an idea, in the same manner as the architect who must design both the technical part that the artistic one.


The importance of research for a shoe by a high design

A careful research work is continuously carried out for the recovery of models that have written the history and timeless now, define the design lines that will then be reproposed in a modern key, discounted in the forms and details.

A shoe by a high quality design requires a great deal of research on the materials used in the manufacture of products from high quality leather and leather, to the lightness of the soles for shoes until the production of prints and unique texture that make it immediately recognizable footwear DIS.

Also the nature in the universe DIS is a source of inspiration for the colors of the natural elements that characterize the nuances of the skins used for shoes, as well as the lines design also always starts from the ruled lines on the form, which are then rendered to the computer in 3d, creating an alter ego virtual in everything and for everything equal to the actual model.


New horizons, new opportunities for DIS

DIS is classic man, formal and avant-garde, this is the image that is focused to today and that represents significant amounts of turnover.

The company wants to strengthen its brand with the introduction of a sporty, for moments more casual, and a woman collection, making style individual concept, always current and disconnected from every fashion. They were conceived and inserted in the store the lines of accessories in leather and belts that match perfectly to footwear and to the tastes of the customer.

The shoes of the universe DIS are real white canvases decorated and interpreted according to the refined taste of the most demanding customer the Italian footwear industry is the heir of a great heritage of craftsmanship and skills that must be exploited as a competitive lever global.

Technological innovation grows parallel to the creativity and the two values are complementary, highlighting the new figure of the digital craftsman able to develop the manual skills with the new technologies. The evolution passes from the channels social, from e-commerce and new technologies through which it is necessary to create a new narrative and emotional for transmitting the greatness of tradition and quality.

The team DIS, has achieved something epochal of succeeding to satisfy the demands of “native digital”, i.e. that of creating a common product but customized with many accessories to be combined together in order to build the perfect shoe through an iter easy and at the door of all, in short “user friendly”! We are not only talking about an internet site or configurator 3D, but a project even more ambitious with the objective to connect different subjects but interactive die: suppliers, artisans, distributors and customers.

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