Bringing a picture of Van Gogh?

Bringing a picture of Van Gogh?

vangogh-shoes-702x336It has been fixed for the next autumn the output of the first film based on the paintings of Van Gogh, his name is loving Vincent. In parallel to the output of the film will begin the placing on the market of footwear Van Gogh, footwear inspired by the paintings of the artist and his canvases that are represented in the uppers. During the premiere of the film, which occurred in the course of the Film Festival of Annecy in France, the authors Hugh Welchman and Sean Bobitt were presented by fitting the creations of designer Tomas Snels, produced by calzaturificio Dutch Van Drunen Schoenfabriek.

The first contact between the calzaturificio and the pair of authors has happened to Nuenen, the municipality where in 1885 Van Gogh made his first masterpiece, Eaters potatoes. A portion of the proceeds of the sale of shoes will be destined to the preservation of the heritage of Van Gogh in the Belgian Province of Brabant.


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