The October 21, 2015 had already arrived years ago: Marty MC Fly back to the future was catapulted in our times, only that you will find a situation, aN other than that of the film: nothing machines that circulate in the air, nothing skateboard and no shoes fastens automatically.

THE SHOES FASTENS AUTOMATICALLY – In 1989 we have seen in the second episode of Back to the future and we have never stopped to wait for the day in which they would become reality. We are talking about the mythical shoes which fasten alone that 26 years ago seemed really something futuristic and far to reach. Among these technologies a has just been announced as of next marketing and we are talking about the mythical autoallaccianti shoes of Michael J. Fox.

You will remember of this pair of shoes that once worn provided victual alone to fasten and adjust to fit the best offering maximum convenience.

NIKE HAS FORMALIZED ITS PRODUCTION – of this type of shoe in the next 2016 and as an ambassador of the product could not choose the only to have them try first of all: Marty McFly alias Michael J. Fox. During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live! Michael J Fox did see a preview of the first model of Nike with technology Power Lace that will be produced by next year in a limited edition, the proceeds of which will be donated to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Research on Parkinson’s disease.

nike scarpe autoallaccianti malaspina

We are landed online by creating so much “noise” in the social and the web, the next step might be to be able to contribute to the realization of the shoe soles fastens automatically. What do you think?

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