The bad habits that damage the health depart from the sole

The bad habits that damage the health depart from the sole

Observing the points at which they consume the shoes you can reveal bad habits that can eventually be detect harmful. When you walk and fundamental that the weight of the body to be equally distributed, avoid subjecting the bead to incorrect positions and excessive loads. If you look at the soles of their shoes as they are consumed, you can find some bad habits which, in the long run, can cause pain and other diseases. The consumption of the soles may also be different between right and left foot, as happens very frequently in those who are veterans from accidents. On the basis of the areas of greater consumption of the soles, a person defines: pronator, supinator, neutral or normal.

Neutral or normal and the term with which it indicates an individual who has a proper support of the foot and that does not skew the heel. The pronator instead, download on the inner part and the soles are worn especially at this point. The supinator rests the weight of the body on the most outer part and, as a result, his shoes have soles most consumed outside.

If the shoes are consumed mainly in the inner part, means that while walking the heel vien bent toward the inside. It is a condition very widespread that should be corrected because it can cause incorrect movement which then effects spread on the health of the spine. If the soles are more worn on the front means that during the movement the body weight is downloaded.

To avoid damaging the health is essential to choose shoes with soles of quality and, if you practice sports models, ad-hoc able to amortize correctly the weight. It is advisable to wear comfortable shoes and not too tight, so that the fingers are fully extended and well rested on the plant. An easy exercise for toning the muscles and relax your feet and walk barefoot or on the floor of the house and on the beach or in the countryside.

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