The breathable insert that there was

suola traspirante malaspina monte urano

The breathable insert that there was

suola traspirante malaspina monte uranoIt is an idea all italian that of breathable insert capable of simultaneously ensure total impermeability and maximum ventilation. Developed in the composite material, the insert, lightweight and durable, contains in its interior a special membrane impermeable high breathability, capable of blocking the entrance of water from the outside and at the same time able to increase significantly the breathability of the shoe and with it the comfort and hygiene of the foot.

A revolutionary product

in particular for all footwear in contact with water or immersion, for which the internal ventilation was always an unsolved problem. Applicable to any type of shoe, from those for accident prevention to those for military use, from footwear to all days up to Wellington boots to meet the need of ventilation in the shoes while keeping the impermeability.

The need for the development of this insert is game by producers of shoes, which normally, for guaranteeing the seal of the water, must renounce the breathability of the shoe. Then there were other developments, from that bound to the functionality that is translated into greater breathability.

Many applications

the insert can in fact be applied also to urban footwear, as the logo of the shoe or footwear as a child, as ornament. It is completely customizable in forms and colors.

Meanwhile discover all new inserts to be applied to the new collection of soles for shoes on our reserved area.

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