Lyst the search engine of fashion, between phenomena and trends


Lyst the search engine of fashion, between phenomena and trends

Lyst Lyst is the Google fashion, founded in London in 2010 and has just arrived in Italy too.

It is a search engine where you can find everything. His mission? Help users to easily and quickly find the fashion products that respond to their tastes.

The success of this invention was manifested in the United States, in particular because it provides tools useful and interesting. For example the Lyst Index, a ranking of the brand and objects coolest of time directly processed by the team of analysts inside, but compiled starting from numbers and charts processed by their date analyst.

Put it to the test, if you like the brand of luxury! Watch your favorite TV series on Netflix and if after the first episode you write in the search engine the outfit of every character, Lyst will respond with the name of the brand, the characteristics and the cost of the cape of fashion.

To make you a’idea on the scope of the platform, think that makes available a total of 5 million products and 12 thousand brand, its operation is similar to Google because asks’user to type a search string. The difference with respect to the traditional search engine is that its investigation can be enriched with typical filters of e-commerce traditional.

The research platform of fashion n.1 in the world has analyzed in the last year, the behavior of over 100 million online research in order to identify trends and fashion phenomena that have characterized the 2018. It emerged that the sustainability, the logo-mania and Instagram affect searches.

The results were collected in ten sections:
1. Trends:
From the fashion of the 1990s passing for accessories fluo of sneakers, these trends have influenced the research, views and sales.
2. Top 10 Fashion Influencer:
The first 10 celebrities who with their post on social and their outfit, have caused an increase of research and mentions on social relating to brand and/or products fashion. The only Italian is classified in seventh place, Chiara Ferragni.
3. Top insta brand:
The brand fashion more polar on Instagram thanks to research and mentions is Veja to the top of the league, the third place is of Italian Attic.
4. Logos most wanted:
Among the 10 logos the most popular and sought after by the motor of the fashion, on the basis of sales and expressions of products with logo stand out Supreme and Champion which sail under the Prada and Fendi.
5. Most Wanted of Instagram:
Stands out the belt with logo Gucci, between 10 fashion products more popular on Instagram identified on the basis of the research, mentions and tag on the platform.
6. Best Seller 2018
The 10 categories of fashion products most popular appeared on Instagram: between the first two stand out ugly sneakers and fanny packs.
7. The 10 shoes more you want
Among the 10 most popular models on Instagram, the peak is occupied by ugly sneakers of Balenciaga and Row. The analyzes are always obtained by evaluating the research, interactions and mentions on the social platform.
8. Top It Bag
Between the 10 grants more popular on Instagram, first place if it won the pouch Gucci Marmont.
9. Revelation 2018
The selection of products bizarre that they did go crazy the web passes from sandals-pouch of Nike to balaclava of Gucci.
10. Fashion Moment 2018
The events and the events that have influenced the research of brand fashion and fashion products in addition to the world of football, there are the Golden Globe and the wedding of the year between Fedez and Ferragni.
To emerge in the ranking there is attention to sustainability, the boom of logo-mania and the growing influence made by social network that has blows of like make it grow steeply sales of any head of independent fashion from the price.

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