The Malaspina values

The Malaspina values

The Charter of Values identifies the principles on which the Malaspina founds his own identity to go away. These values guide us inspiring the behavior of all, require dialog and mutual respect, bring into play each of us and offer to each opportunities for personal and professional growth.

carta dei valori MalaspinaListen to anticipate:

increase the ability to generate new ideas through listening and dialog with all stakeholders; adopt the decision-making processes very slender, with a view to constantly improving processes and products correctly interpreting these flows it is possible to anticipate market trends and competition.

Transparency in the communication:

communications occur according to the principle of transparency, ensuring the truthfulness, accuracy and completeness of business information within and outside involving all stakeholders.

Flexibility and adaptability to the market:

the concept of adaptability refers to the means needed to adapt to the new market conditions and adopt new technologies, so as to be flexible toward the opening of international markets in order not to lose competitiveness.

Environment, recycle and regenerate:

Reduce the environmental impact at zero total benefit of environment and quality of life: the processing waste are recycled to regenerate new material to be used for the production of funds. From discarding there is no longer a refusal but a recovery.

Quality without compromise:

the creations enjoy an excellent quality, aimed at reaching high standards, putting at the center of its entrepreneurial activity listening, understanding and the involvement of customers.

Social commitment for a collective wellbeing:

commits us to contribute to the improvement of the quality of social life and to promote a culture that protects the welfare of employees, families and for all the enterprises that interact at any level with the Malaspina.

Staff involved and informed:

the staff involved in the various levels of the business processes are implemented constant monitoring plans in both through attorneys that through analytical investigations.

Partnership, school and undertaking:

to strengthen the collaboration between enterprises and institutions rooted in the territory in order to help develop an education in line with the skills required by businesses. It commits us to pass on to the young our cultural heritage and professional.

Innovate to innovate

the fundamental rule is innovate to always innovate, many are investments in research and development programs geared to innovation continues with the participation of its people to the creation of new ideas and experimentation of new applications.

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