The grateful greeting employees retired

The grateful greeting employees retired

Was not the classic Christmas lunch that of 22 December 2019, to gather and exchange best wishes but one day, at the same time particular and charged emotions that was held at the Hotel Horizon of Montegranaro the presence of all the employees of the Malaspina and a large group of external consultants.

With surprise, was made a feast of leave for the retirement of our 2 employees: Federico and Silvano milestones of the company since its inception in 1970.

A dutiful and heard applause alternated with moments of strong emotions, that all the business team headed by owner Luigi Sbrolla, wanted to recognize them not only as appreciation for the extraordinary work done, however performed daily with great skill and spirit of service, but in particular for the remarkable ability to increase and improve, with their human qualities, the manufacturing sector and logistics.

After the shared and emotional speech of Luigi, successive and heard messages of estimated gratitude held by other exponents of direction is followed the delivery of the two clocks with a lot of personal dedication, realized with the contribution of the direction and colleagues and contractors, as a tangible sign of gratitude for the commitment over the years. In addition, to the amazement of the guests, the work booklets with their autographed signature right in the line below, where the hiring by Giancarlo Malaspina had been recorded after 42 years for 42 Federico and 36 for Silvano, retirement leave is recorded.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, with the ex-employees visibly moved are followed the thanks and good wishes.

A moment of proper recognition that will leave impressed an enjoyable and exciting remembrance.


Here are some photos of the day:

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