Fifth National Day of small and medium-sized enterprises

Fifth National Day of small and medium-sized enterprises

This morning, the Malaspina s.r.l. company in Monte Urano (FM) has opened the doors to two eighth grade classes from the Fracassetti Comprehensive Institute in Capodarco di Fermo, which have participated in the PMI Day project of the Fifth national day of small and medium-sized enterprises promoted by Confindustria. The visit’s purpose was to allow the students to know the firm and all of the phases making up the production process of soles for footwear. The company’s legal representative Luigi Sbrolla illustrated the whole production process to the students, the firm’s history, and gave a few hints about future prospects. The visit went on with a tour of the factory, which allowed the students to see the machines and get an actual idea of how the production takes place.

The students showed great curiosity and interest by asking several questions concerning the company’s internal dynamics and life. Finally, a refreshing buffet and some free gadgets concluded the visit. Having the chance to personally look at the production process and physically touch its outcome brightens up the students’ imagination and their creativity: this is the best form of orienteering which can be offered to tomorrow’s workers. Today, Malaspina has not only contributed to the training of new generations but also wants to restate that its doors are open to all initiatives aiming to improve the knowledge of activities and production realities, as people do not always realize how much work is done in the company, consisting of great effort and constant commitment.

We hope that the visit has been not only an entertaining trip but that it has also represented a moment of growth for the students and a useful chance to better help them understand what the concepts of enterprise and work are. We wish them to become aware and take full responsibility for the educational path they choose, hoping they will confidently face difficulties and daily commitments.


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