Malaspina has been awarded the Value prize Job 2016

premio lavoro Ancona 2016

Malaspina has been awarded the Value prize Job 2016

The  Malaspina factory of Monte Urano (FM) in 2016 has been awarded the regional prize for the good work, Value Job 2016, thanks to the growth and the constant improvement.

During the time, this prize is used as I orchestrate for communicating experience and to know, an example to be followed, but also the testimony of the social role that the imprenditoria marchigiana can develop in the construction of the comfort of the Region and it is motive pride to be able to write that the to make enterprise of Malaspina is a model to follow under every effect.

The continuous and incessant search of new articles and materials to the state-of-the-art one it asks for every time a great appointment both from the inside and external resources so that products realize him in line with the new tendencies dictated by the fashion more and more to which however he doesn’t give up giving outlet to the imagination and creativeness with the purpose to get exceptional products. During our trials we have and we are more always involving training some universities marchigiane and institutes of the territory.

Despite the activities intensive turns for the realization of the projects and the incessant qualitative improvement in the area of production, in this way the satisfaction of the clients can subsequently increase, defining a positioning business stable more and more.

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