The ITS chooses to new Malaspina

The ITS chooses to new Malaspina

The Institute its retainer gets closer to the Malaspina srl. Before the Christmas holidays, precisely in December 2016, have come to visit our company the course in question is oriented to form the specialized technicians in the innovation of production. The visit was part of the large program of knowledge of the production cycle of the shoe, starting precisely from the soles for shoes in the days after they moved into other companies specialized in the other phases of the same cycle (study of leathers, cutting, preparation hemming and mounting shoe).

The prof. Berdini, teacher of the course explains to us again the importance of working with the Malaspina, inasmuch as it represents for the boys and the institute is a source of great prestige, an added value by making them learn to new generations.

Last year the Malaspina celebrated its 46 years: a great journey accomplished without ever losing sight of its own identity, from small factory has become a leading company with a consolidated presence on not only in Europe and in Asia now also in the American continent precisely in Mexico with the opening of the new production plant, which requires products increasingly of trends and fashion, made with raw materials of absolute quality.

Below you can see the photo gallery of the assembly process the shoe and solatura with soles Malaspina inside the pilot factory of ITS in Montegranaro.


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