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Malaspina s.r.l. invites its customers to discover, on an exclusive basis at its own site, Gumma®, the material that was missing in the panorama of the shoe. The innovative Gumma® of provenance from automotive sector, namely the material finds its use in the shock-absorbers where the material must bends at high temperatures, has all the characteristics of a winning product: lightweight, flexible, and with an excellent grip anti-submarining, offers a high level of performance in all seasons. (more…)

Shoes at pois of Ungaro

Witty, funny but always feminine: To propose is Ungaro and we show you how to wear them every day, even for the office. Boardwalk Ungaro arrive décolleté and boots blacks studded with small white dots. A return to the shoe witty, funny but women who wants to be the undisputed star of the look from day to night. (more…)


Shoes made for Ducati, have the modern inspiration through the use of side bands that they reproduce the logo of the known home of racing. Ensure comfort and sportiness, thanks to the sole Tomba designed and made by our technicians. Comfort and construction technology continue to be the focus of the new products, even if the latest creations are decidedly less aggressive under the styling. (more…)


Investments in innovation continue in Malaspina srl: the latest arrival is an automated special warehouse that handles the items in a single, secure and effortless way for the operator, suitable for companies like ours that have a dynamic production process. The new warehouse will make much easier to manage our molds for soles, which can weigh around 10/15 kg, thanks to the ability to take full advantage of vertical space and to some technical features that increase the speed of withdrawal and deposit and cancel the possibility of operator error. (more…)

To UED Fashion Night 2015 to reward the young winners

An evening of verve, elegance and fashion with an explosive mix of colours and emotions. A perfect mix of originality and innovation. This is the essence of the UED FASHION NIGHT 2015, the fashion show, which also this year ended the academic year at the European University of Design in Pescara. Many personalities intervened, known entrepreneurs and representatives of local political institutions. To attract the attention of the audience were, however, the clothes made by emerging designers and students of the first and second year of the course of Fashion Creations. Geometric lines, asymmetries, sophisticated or futuristic creations, man-woman-junior proposals sharing the choice of a particular fabric. Clothes animated by strong emotions, due to a perfect combination of study, research, experimentation. (more…)

Shoes and white sandals for men

We have already seen how to match the white shoe with a pair of trousers elegant, but for the Spring Summer 2015 there are white shoe of every type and even sandals and slippers, and between fashion and comfort you want to show them the best. From white shoe Hogan to Botticelli shoes some synthetic, the slippers of Fendi, white sandals of Cerruti up to comfortable moccasins always white Geox, shoes with the laces open behind, here is an overview of the best white shoe for the summer. (more…)

“Get a move”: the shoes you speak

Software and sensors to spur the movement. Project of the startup YesYesNo in collaboration with Google and Adidas "From data, a move, I am calling the roots! ". Shouting is not a football coach or the classic sergeant observed peevishly of American films, but the shoes. Indeed the smartshoes, footwear intelligent equipped with gyro, accelerometer, motion sensor and speaker presented by Google and Adidas at the South by Southwest (SXSW), the festival of creativity technology which is held every year in Austin, Texas. (more…)

The slip-on becomes a must-have!

The great protagonist of this summer, and a unisex garment from the great charm and practicality, the pantofolina or slip-on. The slip-on becomes a must-have style and gain positions in the ranking of sports footwear more desired. In the hands of designers is a true white canvas to decorate with fun prints and ironic, floral themes and Hawaiians, graphics and interlacements, snatching at vintage effect, brush color inserts and material… the only limit seems to be the fantasy! (more…)

The students from the ITS guests from Malaspina

Have crossed the gates of the Malaspina, thursday, June 11, 2015, the boys of the last year of the course of the ITS to stop the course of production engineer led by Prof. Stefano Berdini, who wished to know the business reality of suolificio, many topics were covered, from the production of the soles to the activities of promotion/communication up to business.  (more…)