We revolutionize footwear soles with the men’s line

We revolutionize footwear soles with the men’s line

In our ongoing commitment to sustainability and excellence, we proudly present the new eco-friendly, lightweight and recycled TR footwear soles, specifically designed to meet the needs of the men’s market.

Our new line of men’s soles is made, primarily, with eco-friendly TR, a cutting-edge material that combines performance and is sustainable.

Aware that lightness and comfort are key elements for the success of a shoe sole, we have embraced the opportunity to combine them to create the new men’s segment.

Our TR soles are carefully crafted to ensure minimal weight without compromising strength and durability.

We know how important it is to have a complete series of moulds, for this reason we have made many items in series from 42 to 46, so as to satisfy the different needs of the market and guarantee a perfect fit for a variety of styles and models.

In the ever-evolving world of fashion and clothing, men’s shoes are undergoing a technological revolution. We have created two styles, casual and formal. For the former, one of the key elements of this transformation is represented by the new soles that incorporate inserts in TR, galvanized ABS, adding a layer of protection that makes them resistant to wear, atmospheric agents and chemical substances.

For the formal style however, the main element is represented by the use of stitched welts that recreate the rapid stitching of the good-year, leather bands, all followed by demolding processes of the sole so as to reproduce the effect of a sole in leather but with all the advantages of the TR.

This combination of materials offers a series of advantages that go beyond the simple aesthetic appearance, helping to improve the comfort, durability and resistance of men’s footwear.

For further information, sampling or customized requests, do not hesitate to contact us. We are excited to be a partner in your projects and contribute to the creation of eco-friendly, high-quality and trendy men’s footwear.

Together, we can make significant steps towards a more sustainable and comfortable future in the world of men’s footwear.

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